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NACUANOTE: Spending from Underwater Endowment Funds in Times of Economic Distress
2009, A.L. Spitzer, Carolyn Ward, NACUA

NACUANOTE: Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act
2008, Gordon Beeman, NACUA

NACUANOTE: Registration Roundup: A Summary of State Requirements for Charitable Organizations
Aug 13 2013, Jessie Brown, NACUA

NACUA Endowments and Gifts Resource Page Lock

Copyright Law in the Classroom: A Crash Course for Lawyers New to Higher Education
Georgia Harper, Jack Bernard, Jun 1 2012, NACUA

How Effective Are "Fair Use Best Practices"?...and some Helpful Fair Use Principles Lock
2010, Mary E. MacDonald, NACUA

NACUA Resource Page on Copyright & Fair Use Lock

Federal Regulation of Conflicts of Interest in Research: Selected Provisions and Issues of Interpretation
2010, Alexander Dreier, Judy C. Faubert, NACUA

Identifying and Addressing Individual Conflicts of Interest in Research
2010, NACUA, Robert Terrell
- Attachment: Conflict Assessment Checklist

Conducting Campus Risk Assessment and Setting Compliance Priorities
2009, Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Craig Stewart, Marcia Isaacson, NACUA, Stephen Sencer

Advanced Developments in Risk Analysis and Risk Management
Jean Demchak, Lori Brown, NACUA, November 1 2011

Risk Management: How to Make it Part of Your Strategy
Lynn A. Zentner, NACUA, November 7 2013, Shulamith Klein

The Case for Compliance Programs: The Legal and Policy Mandates
Bart Schwartz, Christopher Myers, John Hansen, NACUA, November 1 2011

Compliance 101: A Guide to Building Effective Compliance Programs
Christopher Myers, Lori Brown, NACUA, Nikita Williams, November 1 2011

How's Your Compliance Communication Service?
Anna Drummond, NACUA, November 1 2011, Robert Roach

Risk Management in Higher Education: A Guide to Building Effective Compliance and Risk Management Programs and Counsel's Role
2010, Christy Kaufman, NACUA, Robert Roach, Sunita DeSouza

College and University Compliance Programs: Overview Goals, Elements, Structures and Strategies
2009, NACUA, Patrick H. Dunkley, Stanford University

College and University Compliance Programs: Obligations, Organization and Implementation
2009, Craig Parker, NACUA

Compliance and Ethics Program Structure, University of Texas at Austin
2009, NACUA

Creating Effective Compliance Programs at Larger Institutions: Models and Procedures
2009, NACUA, Robert Roach

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