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Determining a College's or University's Role in Lobbying
2000, Marianna C. Pierce, NACUA

NACUA Resource Page on Political Activity on Campus Lock

Emerging Institutional Models for Managing International Activity: Legal Counsel's Role
2011, Ann Anderson, Carrie O'Neill, NACUA, William Nicholson, Willis Wang

Partnering Abroad: Understanding Opportunities and Risk
2011, John S. Russell, NACUA

NACUANOTE: Federal Disability Laws - Do They Translate to Study Abroad Programs?
Allison Charney, April 26 2012, Josh Whitlock, NACUA

Employing Personnel Overseas: Getting It Right
Donald C. Dowling Jr., June 2013, NACUA

Fundamentals of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Licensing
2004, David M. Kettner, NACUA, William J. Decker

Fundamentals of Intellectual Property for Institutional Research
2004, NACUA, Wesley D. Blakeslee

NACUA Technology Transfer Resource Page Lock

Employee's Use of Web 2.0: Take this Job and Tweet It
2011, NACUA, Peter Land, Priya Harjani, Youndy Cook

The New Frontiers of Peer-to-Peer Sexual Harassment: Sexting, Cyber-Bullying, and Electronic Harassment
2011, Amy Gajda, Daniel Wilkerson, NACUA

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Intellectual Propoerty and Related Issues
June 2013, Madelyn F. Wessel, Megan W. Pierson, NACUA, Robert R. Terrell

Managing the Risk of Data Breaches and Preparing for Security Audits: Lessons Learned from the Field
Isaac Straley, June 2012, Kyhm Penfil, NACUA, Timothy McCrystal

Employee Privacy Issues in the Social Media World
June 2012, NACUA, Peter Land, Priya Harjani, Youndy Cook

NACUA Social Media Resource Page Lock

NACUA Cybersecurity Resource Page Lock

NACUA Online Learning Resource Page Lock

Every University Lawyer Needs to Know about Hiring, Firing, and Employing Foreign Nationals
2009, H. Ronald Klask, Michael Pfahl, NACUA

Compliance and Foreign Students and Faculty
2007, Jane Etish-Andrews, Leigh Polk Cole, NACUA

The Immigration Law Survival Guide for University Attorneys
June 2013, Michael R. Pfahl, NACUA, Sean V. Burke, William A. Stock

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