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Coming Soon to a College Near You--VAWA Lock
NACUA, Rebecca Leitman Veidlinger

Coming Soon to a College Near You--VAWA Lock
NACUA, Rebecca Letiman Veidlinger

The Americans With Disabilities Act and Higher Education 25 Years Later: An Update on the History and Current Disability Discrimination Issues for Higher Education Lock

Direct Threat and Caring for Students at Risk for Self-Harm: Where We Stand Now

O'Bannon v. NCAA: The District Court Decision

Food For Thought: Applying the ADA to Students with Food Allergies

Policing the Police: The DOJ's Agreement with the University of Montana's Office of Public Safety

What Non-Research Institutions Need to Know About Export Controls
2011, Carol Carr, Justin Smith, NACUA, Nelson Dong
- Attachment: PowerPoint Presentation
- Attachment: U.S. Export Control Laws: A Quick Reference Guide for University Counsel, Nelson Dong and Lawrence Ward
- Attachment: Compliance Materials: Export Controls and Trade Sanctions
- Attachment: 15 CFR Part 734, Supplement 1: Questions and Answers - Technology and Software Subject to the EAR
- Attachment: Memorandum: Compliance with Export Control Laws / Washington and Lee University
- Attachment: Export Control Glossary

Export Controls for Research Institutions: Are We Having Fun Yet?
2011, Ellen Auriti, NACUA, Nelson Dong, Robert Roach
Attachment: United States of America v. John Reece Roth
Attachment: Memorandum on New Export Compliance Certification Required for H-1B Petitions
Attachment: I-129 Export Control Compliance Certification Form
Attachment: I-129 Deemed Export Questionnaire
Attachment: Deemed Export Control Questionnaire for H-1B and O-1A Petitioners Only

Surviving an ADA Accessibility Audit: Best Practices for Policy Development and Compliance
2010, Ellen Babbitt, Gigi McCabe-Miele, Irene Bowen, John Catlin, NACUA
- Resources - Physical Accessibility in Higher Education

NACUA Tax Resource Page Lock

Borrowing in a Bad Economy: Legal Issues in New Borrowings, Post-Issuance Tax Compliance
2009, NACUA, Scott Lilienthal

Tax Exempt Bonds: Considerations for College and University In-House Counsel
2006, NACUA, Ronald F. Rodgers, Stephen E. Weyl

Tax-Exempt Bond Issues
2006, Bertrand Harding, NACUA, Nancy Burke, Russell Herron

Tax Law Update
A.L. (Lorry) Spitzer, Bethany Bridgham, Diara Holmes, June 2013, NACUA, Sean Scally

NACUANOTE: FCC's $10,000 Fines Against College Radio Stations. Playing Bad Records May be Legal; Keeping Bad Records is Not.
December 4 2012, Kenneth Salomon, Margaret Miller, NACUA, Todd Gray

Determining a College's or University's Role in Lobbying
2000, Marianna C. Pierce, NACUA

NACUA Resource Page on Political Activity on Campus Lock

Emerging Institutional Models for Managing International Activity: Legal Counsel's Role
2011, Ann Anderson, Carrie O'Neill, NACUA, William Nicholson, Willis Wang

Partnering Abroad: Understanding Opportunities and Risk
2011, John S. Russell, NACUA

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